GTD Heater core fitment

I would appreciate it if someone could post a picture or two of the heater core box installation in a GTD. Have all parts in hand, just need to see which way round things fit together. Ideally I'd like to see the box affixed to the cockpit cross members just prior to dash installation.

Many Thanks in advance.

Brian, as usual, I do the installation different to the standard GTD fitment by turning the heater unit through 90 degrees, thus making the unit less wide and giving more room for the pedals/feet etc. I suppose you are building LHD, so that may cause a slight rethink on my method, but dont just jump in to what is "standard" as there is probably a better way, Frank ( how you getting on with suspension set up? ready for next instalment yet ? )

Mark Charlton

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Brian, sorry I didn't see this sooner. Not sure if this will help much, but let me know. I haven't fixed the dash in again yet and may be able to shoot different angles later if you need.