GTD Tie Rod End Problem

I'm embarrassed having to ask such a basic question on here but I'm stuck on how to tighten up a pair of front new tie rod ends on my GTD.

When I’m tightening up the nut the spindle is spinning within the tie rod so I can’t tighten it.

Looks like there should be some sort of tool inserted into the top of the spindle to stop it rotating in the tie rod ? On ball joints this is an allen key but these are smooth on the inside and I can’t figure out to stop the spindle rotating with the nut?

Be gentle as I'm sure the answer the obvious.....just not to me :-(




Mortified GT
Undo nut, fit tierod into steering arm, place a jack under tierod and lightly apply pressure upwards enough to stop it turning, tighten nut

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A simple G Cramp will do the job. Looking at your pictures have you checked sufficient thread ( excluding the lock nut ) as it might be marginal for safety. Frank
Use the nut on something else, run it in and out a few times, this will wear in the nylon insert. Go back to the ball joint. Repeat if necessary.