Gulf GT40 Cartoon

Due to the tremendous response from people, I've attached the pic for your perusal. I'm currently doing a Ford F3l in the same style so hold onto your hats...

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Hi Rick,

Excellent cartoon!

If you could do a Porsche 917 in Gulf colours as well, the two cartoon paintings could make excellent promotional marketing items for Gulf Oil.

Graham Turner who posts as GTA917 has the Gulf Oil franchise for the UK. Why don't you contact him and offer him the idea.

I would see the cartoons on the following items:

A calendar with both cars on the same page and a 12 month calendar below.

A range of sports bags/holdalls again with both cars. In 1992 I designed a range of sports bags for Williams when they were sponsored by Canons and Labatt, etc. I took a gamble and paid for the artwork and several bags.They were most impressed with the stylised design but said tough luck we've just signed up with Rothmans for next year so the bags are useless. They then offered me the Williams-Rothmans promotional marketing rights for South Africa for a HUGE amount of money and I said thanks but no thanks! Point is I've been through the exercise and I was amazed at how cheap the bags were considering the cutting of panels, stitching, printing and all that went with it. The SA rand was then about five to the pound sterling and it's 12 now, which means that we would be able to supply similar bags at competitive prices.

T-shirts, caps are bumper stickers are obvious lines.

Jig Saw puzzles. A lady in the same complex as the GT40 factory makes jig saw puzzles. She'll make whatever we want

Sports foam cushions.

A fold-up cardboad chair (my own design). Ideal for sports meetings. So strong you can stand on it.

Robbie Senekal has had a yellow GT40 embroidered on the back of black anoraks for his staff.The textile company is also in the same complex and it's fascinating to watch thousands of fine computer driven threads taking shape.

In my experience cartoons in advertising work. They're always noticed because they convey an amusing and friendly message.

Let me know if you want to turn your artistic talent into a business and I'll help you.

Best regards,
Andre 40
In, the US, for a little marketing effort, you can sell designs through Cafe Press. They'll print your design on T-shirts, mouse pads, bags, coffee mugs, .... Their printing is done on-demand, so there's no overhead, no setup fees, ....

Looking quickly at the site, the most interesting car designs I could find was:
(The Ford designs weren't very interesting).

[My only interest in CafePress is as a purchaser from their website, I've never tried using their site to sell.]
Thanks for the info, Andre. Let me clarify that this is NOT my design even though I am an artist. Just wanted everyone to know that as I don't take claim for other people's work.

Having said that, though, I am an accomplished cartoonist with a little Disney background (!) in addition to fine art, portraiture, etc. so it hasn't been a stretch to incorporate a Ford F3L in the same type of style...

I like the idea of the Porsche 917 in Gulf colours, I just completed a pic of the Chrysler Crossfire for someone in the same vein.

So I'll post the pic once I get back from out west. Just finishing some art now then I want to paint a GT40 somewhere in Le Mans, just to try out automotive artwork because I'd rather do that any day then my current aircraft-related stuff.

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Oh yes, if anyone would like to volunteer any racing heritage photos a la GT40 et al, please pm me. As I mentioned, I'd like to try some ideas out.




F3L thats a ausome toon of the GT40!!!!!!! /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/wink.gif