Gurney-Weslake Valve Covers for Windsors

Now available, cast aluminum Gurney-Weslake valve covers for Ford Windsor (221-260-289-302-351) heads. These are US made and feature oil fill/breather tubes with double more oil pumping out the fillers!

Deep design to allow for roller rockers and 1.7 ratio rockers. The "Gurney-Weslake" letters are machined to stand out against the natural cast aluminum finish.

These are top quality and both covers have the oil fill/breather tube.

$595.00 per pair plus actual shipping cost to your location. PM or email rick(AT) with any questions or orders.



Only one cover has the breather/fill tube. I don't know why I posted both do. Both have the cast-in bosses to ALLOW a vent or fill but only one cover has one installed.

Senior moment..........