hello, are there any builders local to me?

This is going to open a can of worms I know, but here goes.

I'm currently the owner of an AK427 Cobra Replica with a Chevy LS3 engine. This is my second Cobra build having built and sold a Pilgrim Sumo a few years ago.

AK Cobra by craigrperry | Photobucket

After a drive out this weekend I noticed my hands were very cold, my plan to stop my hands getting cold again is to sell the Cobra and begin the build of a GT40 Replica.

Thing is, I'm after a few pointers. Using google I've found three main kit suppliers in the UK.

Tornado, Southern GT and GTForte. Am I missing any that I should consider?

I'm looking for a build sub £40k, 5 year build with a Ford 302V8.

I'm willing to do a few deals, look for cheaper parts, make some mods and I'm even considering doing the GTForte flatpack option??

Can you guys offer the pros and cons for each kit/gearbox/engine option?

Is there anyone in the Worcestershire area willing to show me their build or their completed car from each of these three kits to give me some ideas??

I know Tornado are quite close to me anyway and I have already spoke to them briefly with a view to a drive in their demonstrator when I've sold the Cobra, they do however have a 40 week waiting list for a chassis!

I guess the only other thing to add is..... does anyone fancy buying an AK427 Cobra?
Sorry, I've just noticed the "this is not for What GT40 should I get questions"

So, just assume this is me saying "hello, are there any builders local to me?"

Brian Magee

You should have been at the NEC Classic Car Show this weekend just gone where the GT40 Enthusiasts Club had a stand.

The Club have meetings at The Toby Carvery CV7 7HL on the first Tuesday of the month. You should be able to get all the answers you need from car owners and builders.

Hi Brian.

I would have loved to have gone to the NEC this weekend but I was under the Cobra converting some reluctant handbrake cables to electric.

That Toby Carvery is only 20 mins from me I'll come along on the 6th Dec, if it's not raining I'll bring the Cobra, do you know what time?

Randy V

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Welcome to GT40s.com Craig..
I have re-titled the thread for you as more appropriate..

I can give you a BIG reason not to do business with GT-Forte. He owes me over $1000 in parts for my GT40 build. It's been 15 months since I last heard from him. Nothing but radio (email) silence now. Funny how some people get reeeal quiet when they owe you, and obviously have no intention of being a real man and doing the right thing. Yes, Darren George, I'm talking about you.

So, if you would like to avoid the above scenario, choose wisely. Choosing "cheaply" is not so cheap when your money is stolen.