Hello from Essex !

Hello Ron & everyone,

I've been reading this forum for ages & have finally got around to registering.
I have been collecting GT40 books, models, paintings etc., for a few decades, so I only lack the car now..............
I work for FoMoCo at Dunton & have been in the GT40 Enthuiasts Club for 10 years.

Kind regards, Steve.
Hey Steve,
Come look me up. I'm up in the old Visteon building.

Also, John Hammond is building one and Andrew Vine on site has his on the road, and Graham Crawley is buildign a Tornado too.

We should start a GT40 club @ work :)


Max Walter

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I loosely recall talking about an East Anglia regional monthly meeting some time ago, but never got far with it. I am aware of 1 or 2 other newer members in this area, so maybe the time has come to set something up?

Anyone interested in becoming the Regional Rep? You would need to find a good location (pub) with suitable parking. I guess it would need to be fairly 'central', maybe around Thetford/Bury St. Edmunds?

Hi Brett,

Thanks for the hello. I guessed that there are a few of us lurking around Dunton !
I remember the dark red replica at the last enthusiasts day & one of our retirees has a black GTD locally, hopefully he'll bring it to this years e-day.
I'm in the prototype engine build bay.

Kind regards, Steve.
Stephen, Welcome. I spent many glorious years of my youth in Essex. Gt. Easton and Gt. Dunmow. I really miss the tranquility of those small villages. Tell us more about your GT 40 collection of books, models, paintings etc. I've always heard the MK1 GT40 model in a decent scale is hard to find.
Hi Jimmy,

It's a small world, I drove through those very villages on Sunday !

I have spent alot of time & effort book collecting, I must have 20+ going back as far as the sixties. The first one's bought new as current books would of been late seventies / early eighties, I'm sure I was still at school when I bought some of them....
I made sure to get everything on the 2004 GT when current rather than pay inflated prices years later !, dealer info, posters, shop manuals etc..

Pictures & posters approx 2 dozen, I must have a very tolerant other half.

I agree, it needs someone like Exoto to do the Mk1 justice, I have 4 slot cars, 2 Matchbox & 2 Eagles Race 1:18 as MK1's.

The only thing I'm really sure of is I need a bigger house.......

All the best, Steve