Hello from Savannah, GA.

Hello All, I'm Matt Keplinger. I recently retired from the Army as an EOD technician (bomb technician) and am currently attending college here in Savannah. I recently decided I needed a hobby, and as far back as I can remember I've been working on cars. I recently started researching the various models and kits and everything available to make sure I spend my money well the first time. I am always open to suggestions and I am glad I found a place that has the information I've been searching everywhere for.
If you are GT40 fan, you are in the right place, not only forum wise but I believe Ford vs. Ferrari is being filmed there near your town
off and on and there is a general casting call for extras to be in the crowd scenes. Don't know name of casting agency but if you
noodle around you will find it. They insist you live within 70 miles of the track.
Welcome aboard Matt and thank you for your service. That was quite a mission you performed and were fortunate to retire from. I'm a couple of hours south of you in northeast Florida.