Help with 930 CV joint boots

Jim Dewar

I’m having the same problem with CV boots on my RF self destructing and curious as to whether Chris or Bill found a solution. Help!

Chris Kouba


I used these:

With these:

And these:

and some of this:

Completely disassemble and the CV's and clean all of the grease out of the spider and cage and everything else... before loading in the new grease.

You might think it not necessary to replace the flanges, but do it. The boots don't like the flanges my car originally came with.

All the above info assumes you're using the 930 output flanges.

Hope that helps!

Chris Kouba

My driver's side after >4,000 miles:


Jim Dewar

Thanks for your help Chris, received my order this week from Kartek and installed all new boots which seem much more relaxed than the GKN boots.

Chris Kouba

Glad to hear it Jim. Make sure they are extended enough that the peaks of the pleats don't touch as the axle spins and you should have many happy miles- at least I have!

Hi: Picking up on an older post rather than opening a new one ;-):

I found a torn CV joint boot and slight play in the CV joints. (My setup is a RCR40 with LS7, ZFQ and Porsche 930 CV joints.)
My question: does anybody have experience with the EMPI hp CV joints (stage 2)? How do they compare to the originals (OEM) by GKN - Spidan - Loebro? I think they offer higher angularity - how about durability under track use?
Are there any uprated 930 CV joints out there (e.g.for track use)?
I wouldn't touch the EMPI's. I had a set that were so badly made I took one look at them and returned them.
I run GKN outers with 300M race cages and chromoly stars.
Hi Philip: Thanks - sounds like you are running the best possible combination. Is this an off-the-shelf combo or do you assemble and polish the CVs yourself?
KARTEK offers a modified GKN CV with with 300M race cage and polished original Lobro GKN star - is a chromoly star essential?
For me, yes, I don't know about you guys, you might be okay - I give them a lot more abuse and have split stars before hence running the uprated ones.
I've upped my knowledge on the 930 CV joints in the past few days. Among others: RCV offers a CV joint which has both cage and spider in 300M; Porsche racing division suggests the use of a vent pin (and proper clamp) at the axle side of the boot; the proper phasing of the joints; proper lubing procedure (most of the grease is added after installation), and the importance of installing the axle shaft back in its original position.
I presume long boots may help reducing boot motion but also lead to more grease moving away from the joint ending up on the inside of the boot.
For now I'll replace the torn boot with an OEM Porsche 930 repair kit including boot and flange and keep an eye on free-play in the joints. A set of uprated joints will be put on the shelf. If my OEM 930 boot lasts, I'll use a set of them with the uprated joints.