Hi, Michal from Czech

Hello everyone. My name is Michal, I am 38 years old and I came from the Czech Republic.
As a long-term car lover, I found this site. So far I have only built Japanese cars, but the GT40 has been my love since I was a child. Some time ago, I came to the conclusion that one day I want to fulfill a dream and build a life project. So far I am reading this fantastic forum, your build logs, tons and tons of information and nice photos. It is interesting how many different ways to go to the finals ... Own GT40 in the garage :). Scratch builds, Southern GT, Tornado, Superperformance, CAV atc etc .. an incredible amount of information I've found here so far. I'm looking forward to starting my own build of mk1 replica. So ... for now, I'm more of a ghost running through this forum looking for the best start on my journey to the GT40. I apologize for my bad English, but maybe Google will help..I hope :)
Have a great day :)