Taking over a scratch build in Australia


My Dad and I have just bought a ~50% complete Mk1 GT40 scratch build project in Perth, Western Australia.

The car was started by an engineer named Jan Roth who put in a huge amount of work already but has unfortunately passed away. He had 40+ years experience tig welding according to some of the documents with the vehicle.
We have bought the project off of his friend who bought the car just before he died.

The space frame and suspension has been completed and has passed torsion and rigidity tests already and the fuel tanks have been pressure tested and certified.

There's an incredible amount of paperwork that has come with the vehicle that we are working our way through before continuing any work (we also have to lodge the Independently Constructed Vehicle paperwork with a consulting engineer to the Department of Transport).

It has a Toyota/Lexus 1UZ-FE 4L V8 currently fitted that is mated up to a Porsche Boxter 5sp transaxle.
We also have a complete donor Toyota Crown Majesta with the 1UR FSE 4.6L V8.

I'll start a build log for the car but just wanted to introduce ourselves first.

If anyone else is in Perth that is interested in meeting up so we can see a completed GT40 and get some ideas before we start that would be great.

This forum has been a great resource already and I can see we will be on here a lot to get info and ask questions.

(we aren't sure what body kit the vehicle has so if anyone can identify it that would be much appreciated).



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Hi Glen ,Tom here , I'm in Palm Bay Florida . Call me on Whats App at 321-292-9005 , and I will show you my GT40
MK1 it has right hand drive , and you can show me your build . Merry Christmas
Hi Glen, I'm in Perth but my build is still a project, not running, still gathering parts. There are quite a few GT40's in Perth and hopefully some will chime in here. Are you NoR or SoR?