importing a completed replica gt40 into the US

Dr. David

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I brought in a new Aston Martin DBR-2 Replica, fabricated by Andrew Soar from England. I had the engine and transmission removed and brought the components in as a "rolling chassis" and an engine/transmission, in separate crates, on separate boats. The engine was a 1968 Jaguar, which pre-dated the EPA. All of the Superperformance cars are fabricated in South Africa and brought in as "rolling chassis".
Hi all, does anyone have experience registering a SPF GT40 in Michigan or a nearby midwestern state after it was fully completed by a dealer/builder like Dennis or Scott Holley?

Olthoff is not a dealer and has not been for over ten years, they are an "installer". There are several SPF GT40s registered in Michigan. The Michigan process is not unwieldly, we have had several Superformance and Caterham cars registered in Michigan with no issues.
Rick, thank you VERY much for your PDF concerning registering a completed SPF GT40! In the early 80's I built a very nice ERA 427 Cobra and when it came time to register that vehicle all I had to do then was have it inspected by a police officer and then go to the Sec. of State, which was no problem as I worked for a Sheriff's Dept. at that time.
I would like to contact some of the folks that have GT40s in Mich., do you have any advice how I might do that? If all goes to plan, my 40 should be complete in the spring or early summer 2025. Thanks again, the people on this site are very helpful! Dave.