Is there a book, "GT40 for Dummies"?? :huh:

I am retired with a comfortable income. I have been working on older cars and enjoy a lot of the mechanicking, but much more fun driving unusual cars.

I have wanted a GT40 since I saw one at Sebring in mid-sixties. I like the look of the car very much. I am just beginning research. It appears that you buy a "kit car" (excuse me if this is not proper terminology) and you build your own car, sometimes with a friend or son.

While I appreciate people who like to build their own car, and I could do this. I have the expertise. But I don't want to build a car. I want to buy one and drive it. I don't really care that the car can do 200 mph, but I love the technology under the rear hood! The bundle of snakes. The plumbing, etc.

If these cars are designed by a person, maybe someone has already made a lesser de-tuned car that has AC/Heat, Easy driving. Manual trans is OK, but would rather have automatic. Relatively reliable. Creature comforts. Looking good.

Is there someone who has a car for sale like this? Or knows someone? Shoot me a message. I am not kicking tires. I am serious about buying a GT40. I am in Atlanta GA. I like Ford Blue, but open to other colors.
I would suggest you contact some local GT40 owners, I am sure they will show you their car. Sit one, see if you fit, GT40's are not for everyone. The forum has cars for sale and also check Cobra Country Good luck
I recently met a local guy at a car show. We talked at length. I think my next step to meet with him and perhaps drive his car. The closest look in this shape of car was a DeLorean (1982) Underpowered, but an interesting shape and a lot of fun.

Here is a picture of his car


Dave Hood

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I'm in Fort Mill, SC. Four hours north of you. Happy to show you my car, which is also listed for sale on the Cobra Country website.