Jimmy Price of Hi-Tech Automotive & Superformance


I am a Superformance owner and can testify to the fact that Jimmy makes only quality vehicles or he won't make them at all. His reputation is on the line. I have had mine now for six years and it still looks like new. Plus his products hold their value quite well.



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Saw few minutes of interview with Jim on Speed Channel's
Sports Car Revolution yesterday...seems like a really
neat car guy. Unfortunately no shots of his GT40 project.

Welcome cobra4real. This is a great forum with loads of info. As for Jim Price I met him at the SPF VIR meet in May 2002. Had a chance to spend some time and a few drinks with Jim. Great guy and extremely down to earth. Builds great cars and sky is the limit for Jim. /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/grin.gif
Well I get on here every day looking for updates...I am dying to get information on these...

Andre whats the latest? Are they still looking for a September release date? Whats the word on the MKI? I am going nuts...I am getting my finances straight and I have already determined the engine thats going in the vehicle...I am building a driver...God help me I have gone nuts here..

Ok I feel better got that off my chest /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/grin.gif

This months issue of Road and Track has a nice article
on Jimmy's Daytona Coupe. Kinda funny considering
the low esteem Brock Yates holds "Replicars" in.

But not a WORD mentioned about the GT40 project.



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Replicars and Brock Yates

Why do you say Brock Yates holds replicars in low esteem? I just had never heard this before.

David Lowell

Ian Clark

Re: Replicars and Brock Yates

Hi Dave,

I have to say that Mr.Yates was very complimentary of the Angelos (frknfast) Gulf spec CAV GT-40 on display at the Toronto International Auto Show in February this year.

You've probably seen some "replicas" that were not up to standards regardless of what the owner thought. So if you were a high profile journalist like Brock, I suppose you'd be careful what you say.

Usually pot shots get taken at reproductions when originals are close by, like auctions. Most of these guys would love the opportunity to drive a well sorted out car, that's for sure!

Re: Replicars and Brock Yates

At the last Barret - Jackson auction Brock made comment about a GT40 replica. It was not a favorable comment at all.I can't quote him but it was definetly a slam on any replica for that matter. Perhaps someone taped the auction and can replay it to verify what he said. Now I'm not slamming Brock cause I like his slant on broadcasting and his knowledge of the industry...But it was not a good thing he said about replicas.I think he just needs to be educated about how well built some of these replicas are. In some cases better than the original.

Hersh /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif


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Re: Replicars and Brock Yates

Well Hersh, you seem to have heard him, what did he say?

David Lowell
Re: Replicars and Brock Yates

This Yates bloke sounds like right nob! Much like Clarkson here in the U.K.

All talk and the big I am. Can't actually drive to save their lives!
Re: Replicars and Brock Yates

Dave, This is what he said and I was incorrect on which car he commented on.Also I must apologize as I don't see this being as a big of a deal as I remembered. Thanks to my friend for setting me straight . I thought it was the red GT. Anyway here is what happened according to a friend who watched the auction.
A 1937 Ford street rod came up on the block and one of the other announcers commented that the car was really nice. Yates then states that this car was a Fiberglass reproduction of a ’37 Ford coupe and not an original. Then he said “If it were a Cobra it would be called a replica. But it doesn’t matter.”
I'm not quite sure of exactly what he meant by that comment but on recollection maybe it wasn't a slam on replicas. Maybe he meant that it didn't matter cause it was a nice car anyway.
Dave Thanks for the urge you gave that made me take a second look at the facts. A little over sensitive on the kit-replica thing I guess. /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/blush.gif

Hersh /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif
Re: Replicars and Brock Yates


I watched the Auction as well and either Brock or Keith
Martin (or both) did say something to the affect that
replicas will "never have any true value" as opposed
to original Cobras/GT40s. In a sense they are correct
in that originals are worth LOTS more than any replica...
but the manner in which they said it was derogatory.
We have all seen replicas (value or not) whose craftsmanship
would put many originals to shame.

Re: Replicars and Brock Yates

A good friend of mine has a very fine Cobra Daytona coupe replica with a lot of custom work that was done in case he should want to do track days. He has tried very hard to honor the look and technical specs of the originals. In so doing he's had a couple of talk fests with Brock Yates about the hows and whys of some of the desigm features. Brock was very friendly and a gentleman during these discussions and had no real comment good or bad about replicas. I got the impression that Brock appreciated good engineering and quality craftsmanship, regardless of where he finds it.
Re: Hi-Tech GT40

It's my understanding that his car is still very far away. End of the year at best if not still a year away. /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/confused.gif
Re: Replicars and Brock Yates

Sorry for the stupid pill overtaking me. I was talking about Pete Brock - not Brock Yates.
Re: Replicars and Brock Yates

September to end of year was kind of what I had heard and expected...I know that they are doing the MKII first and then will work on the MKI hopefully...I am just trying to get more clarification because my SPF dealer doesn't seem to know a whole lot..Figure if Andre has more information we might beg it out of him? Maybe an update on things.

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Re: Replicars and Brock Yates

He made another comment when Wayne's car was being sold that was not very nice at all. I do not remember the specifics. but it was not positive. I remember thinking at the time that I would much prefer the car he is slaming to some of the other original cars that were sold. I think that the comment was something to the fact that these cars only bring 1/10 the value of a real GT40 and are not good investments, etc. Yes but we can get 100 % of the performance for a small fraction of the cost, and I can drive and enjoy what we have.