Jim's RCR Lola build.

Brian Kissel

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Thanks Jim. That is good information and something I will file away as my RCR LOLA build gets under way.

Regards Brian

Randy V

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Out for a test drive yesterday and ran out of gas on the interstate. Gage was reading 1/2. Luckily, I was only a couple miles from home and was able to get my wife to bring my Colorado with a tow strap to get the car home (AAA is useless, as they refuse to use a tow strap and their rollbacks will not work with the Lola nose height). Filled the car up today and it took 14 gallons, so the question to other RCR builders is how many gallons are you at when the pickup uncovers? I have twin tanks with a crossover line, so apparently I suck air with 3 gallons in each tank.
That’s good info, but terrible that it happened to you! I think I would be looking into a swirl tank and some plumbing & pick-up changes if it had happened to me.

Jim Albright

Got the brackets fabbed up and the A/C compressor final mounted with it's own dedicated belt. Next up is crimping on the hose ends, vacuum checking for leaks and then freon charging. Getting too hot in VA to drive without A/C!


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