Just purchased Ardern Cars GT40

Hello All;
After much deliberation and a lot of due diligence I have purchased a Chris Ardern, Ardern Cars GT40. In my early dealing with Chris his customer service appears to be top notch. Personally, I have an extensive amateur racing background and have built three Factory Five Racing cars so I think I'm ready for this new adventure. I look forward to this Forum for help in this endeavor. Thanks in advance!
Bob, great choice I recently finished one of his GT40s and couldn’t be happier. Chris is readily available to assist and a great person. Happy holidays and have fun building your project.

Russ Rittimann

Russ Rittimann
Welcome Bob!!! Great choice with the Active Power GT40. Your will enjoy the build. I have a AP GT40 in progress that was originally bought in 2015 and far from completion. I acquired it in August and am in the process of reworking it to my liking. I'm down in San Antonio if you are ever around. I also built a Hurricane Motorsports 427 Cobra.