Ken Coleman Engine Data Analysis Castleford


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A big thanks to Ken Coleman at Engine Data Analysis Castleford.

I Rang him up for advice about the fact that my Mallory Hifire 6AL box appears to have stopped working. Initially he was thinking about sending me his tester to check my box out, but was unsure it would work on a non MSD box. So he gave me the number of someone who may be able to help.

His whole attitude throughout our conversation was how he could get my car back working as quickly as possible even if it resulted in no financial gain to his company. I also thought it quite remarkable that he was more than willing to trust me with his diagnostic equipment.

Also helps that he always calls me young man as well ;)

Mike Pass

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I agree totally Nick. Kenny Coleman is one of the guys I just trust implicitly. It is rare nowadays to find people who are knowledgeable, helpful, competent and bullshit free. They are all really top guys at EDA.
If you need an MSD box to try in a hurry I have a spare 6A (like a 6AL but without the rev limiter) which you are welcome to borrow.


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Mike that would be really useful. Looks like I may have to send it to the states for repair, so really need to know it is not the optical unit first.