Kwik load trailers

Does anyone own and or use a Sloan kwik load or Texas roll back trailer.
I am looking to build one and are interested in any feed back good or bad
Dont have one myself, but read up on them around the forums a while back, did not see anything bad about them, seems to be a bit of contention over the currency of the patent rights etc, but that wont effect a self build. Only concerns I had was what empty weight would end up at with our regulations in NZ if you want to keep it in the 'light' category and the deck ends up slightly higher in the loaded position due to the roller cradle. For low ground clearance stuff like GT40 etc it looks ideal.
I have looked at the patents on line and yes the final weight may be a concern, there is a lot of steel in it. I am tired of struggling with ramps and blocks of wood and the idea looks great.
Earl, any chance of a few dimensions. Total length "A", length from tow ball to the pivot point "B", length of the wheel carriage and the length of the rails from the front "C" and "D" and the height of the rail where it is larger at the front "E". Plan attached.
I know its a big ask and a lot of mucking around, I'd shout you a beer if the plane ticket wasn't so dear :drunk: but no problem if it is.
If anyone has their own plans I would be happy to pay for them as I have seen other trailer plans for sale on the net.
Much appreciated



20 odd years ago I made a bespoke trailer for my GTD. To overcome the low ride height of the car I fixed the trailer ramps/deck at an angle so the front of the trailer was about 12 inches higher from the ground than at the rear of the trailer. Then with some light weight but a bit longer than normal aluminium ramps there is zero change in gradient ie no beaver tail in the bed of the trailer. I also made the trailer wider than normal so that the car fits very comfortably rather than tight to the edge of the trailer. I think that issue is more a UK issue as there used to be (if not still) width restrictions on trailers here. Then the tie down strap hook points were fixed to suit my preferred tie down method for my car.

I also got the factory (at the time) to provide me with data showing the centre of gravity for the GTD so my twin axle positions were adjusted to suit the GTD perfectly.

As a result of the above the car fits very quickly and easily onto the trailer and tows like a dream. And it weighs only 512 kgs so very easy to move about by hand.

One thing to aim for is to make it so that when you lift the nose of the trailer by the jockey wheel, make it lift the front of the trailer high enough to lift the leading axle off the ground so that it becomes in effect a single axle trailer. Turning it by hand then becomes very easy.
I overcame my slant problem similar to yours. I got a 12" drop trailer hitch and reversed it so that the trailer needs only a bit of extra rise to use the standard ramps. I may add risers to the front axle or lower the rear. I just have to be careful with drive way angle.


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Thanks guys, Does anybody have some photos of trailers that work well with the GT40 being so low
You won't find a trailer that provides a 'flatter', more 'level' approach than this one!

Submitted only partially tongue-in-cheek. ;)

(^^^ The unit in the link above was their prototype. I'm told a number of upgrades/changes/improvements were incorporated into the final product.)
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The air bag trailers are cool but a little pricey . The photo Jac is exactly it. I have read other forums where people have made one and not happy as they haven't got the length and tipping angles right. seems to be a fine line between good and not so!. I think I will start by making a model with the scale approach you suggested
Part of the equation appears to be the ability of the drawbar to slide thru the front section of the trailer frame as it pulls the deck fwd in relation to undercarriage plus the angled section on underside of deck runner just in front of front axle that tips the deck section in relation to the undercarriage. Found some other dwgs that look to end up a bit lighter.


That's an interesting concept. It works back to front from the roll back system where the wheel carriage is separate from the deck like your photo and this attachment. This one has rollers in the carriage and I think the angle of approach looks to be less. Same old deal Jac you cant have your cake and eat it to


I have a 22 year-old tilt bed trailer from Brian James Trailers in the UK. It weighs about 600kg (1,300 lbs). It has a hydraulic ram to tilt the bed (no ramps). It's almost perfect for a GT40. however, I need to place a pair of 2x12" boards on the ground so the nose clears the leading edge of the trailer. Unfortunately, they don't make it any more.
I just bought a futura trailer for my superlite aero. I considered building my own but realized for the money that the futura is perfect for my needs to load a very low clearance aero. No bags no fuss. tandem axle and a 4 degree load angle. nothing like it on the market that we can get in the states. The designer/owner's name is Glen and is based in NZ and has an amazing product. I think he has one left in the shipment coming to charleston port in April. PM me if you are interested.

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