Le Mans Classic postponed till 2021

Stephen Ducker

It was bound to happen sadly. At least we have a complete year before trying again, unfortunately many of the events that have been postponed & given a a new date later on this year may well have to postpone again I fear, so at least (hopefully) we have some clarity regarding the LMC.

What will be a bitter pill though is the 10% admin. charge for those who can't make the 2021 dates & wish to cancel for a refund, that's drivers, exhibitors, spectators, everyone. The website also mentions a limited window later on this year in which to apply for refunds.

Still, if we're sitting here thinking about motor racing today we are amongst the fortunate ones.....

Stay safe & best wishes to you all. Steve.
Hi Have a motorhome /RV .The plan was, ferry to Holland 24 June MotoGP Assen 26-28 June, drive down to Le Mans for the classic return home the Tuesday after. Half the trip has been knocked on the head , just waiting for the other bit to go in the bin. Have to get back to sharpening the nail scissors now so I can finnish cutting the lawn tomorrow.Regards David

Stephen Ducker

Just received an email from the ACO. The French policy is a credit note, rather than a refund less 10% that they suggested earlier.

Peter Auto and the Automobile Club de l’Ouest have decided to postpone the 10th Le Mans Classic, originally scheduled for 2-5 July 2020. The event will now be held in Le Mans on 1-4 July 2021.

Aware of the economic and structural difficulties caused by the Covid-19 crisis, the French Government, by an ordinance 2020-538 published on May 7th 2020, allows sport event organizers to grant a credit note instead of the refund of tickets in case of postponement, cancellation, or event taking place behind closed doors.

We inform you that this regulation will apply to all requests.


Will my tickets be valid for 2021?

Yes, all of the 2020 ticket is valid for the 2021 edition without any action from you.

I will not be able to attend the 2021 edition, how is it going?
If you cannot attend the 2021 edition, a credit* procedure is available from now until November 30th. No processing fee will be retained.

Your credit request must be made
before November 30th, 2020.

* The Automobile Club de l’Ouest specify the credit note claim request is limited solely to the tickets price, excluding all potential sending cost or any other extra costs (such as transportation, accommodation…). No processing fee will be retained.
Well the European Commission decided differend on that matter on 14th of may. As France is a member of it.... they have to refund the whole lot.
I don't care, Ill just wait another year assuming Ill make it another year..

I must say, I got my tickets through Travel Destiniations and they called me up and asked me kindly what I preferred.
Do not hurry doing your organisation ( say organising your travel) ...... things are changing so kickly every day and week !!!
Until vaccine will low down the contamination at 5000 a day government will not allow any more sport days ; yesterday Prime minister annonced that Saturday we will be under limited lock down ( 6.30PM ) for all the country due to increasing situation and possible new variant discovering cases
SO ...... say stafe , wait and see :rolleyes:

In addition
there will be for sure in the future restriction or permit to enter the country ( Valid PCR test or watever vaccine passeport stuff ) and probably some "lock down days" in hotels before to be able to do tourism !!!!!
Hi, the tickets for the Assen GP and LeMans Classic that I bought last year are valid for this years events, so with fingers crossed I have booked my ferry crossings. Looks like I will get my first covid jab by the end of February and second jab before the end of May, that means should be fit to travel if allowed to.
As an aside, I only clocked up 1026 miles between M.O.T.s in the motorhome this last 12 months, 5000/6000 is the norm. Hope to get out a lot more this year.
Regards David