New Museum in Germany with P/1003


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Since July 2023 there is a new automotive museum in Germany - formally known as Loh Collection.

The GT40 at 1:30 seems to be P/1003 - at least that's what I could figure out....

Currenty they have a special exhibition "100 years 24h Le Mans - the myth, the heroes, the cars" which ends very soon.
I did visited the museum in November and it is a crasy privat collection.
I also thought it is P 1003 so i ask the man doing the museumtour if it is P 1003.
He looked a bit shockt to me and said no! It is P 1007. I also think it looks more like P 1003, so not sure what is going on there?!


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Thanks for your comment - I have not yet visited the museum and trusted what I found online.

Before I posted I made a quick cross check to ensure I'm not posting any complete BS here and look like an idiot :mad:.....

The sign in the pic says "1967 Targa Florio and Nürburgring class winner"

I cross checked here:
Screenshot_20240122_192639_Samsung Internet.jpg Screenshot_20240122_194132_Samsung Internet.jpg

So I thought it was the correct chassis# 1003.....

With your post I looked up #1007:
Screenshot_20240122_192735_Samsung Internet.jpg Screenshot_20240122_194517_Samsung Internet.jpg

So for me it still looks like #1003.

Anybody else?
Hi Markus,
you are absolutly right and thats why i also guessed that it is P 1003.
I can just say what the main guy at the Museum sayed. He sayed it is P 1007.
No idea whats going on.
Definitely P1003. I shot it for Fiskens may years ago at Goodwood, and in 2007 two of us drove it from London to Le Mans on open pipes. Those were very good days !


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looks like another Ford GT behind P1003? not clear what generation!
also silver Cobra?

jim p


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2017 GT


Plenty of pics from the museum: