Like an SLC with a rocket up its rear

I saw that same video a while ago. But a built SLC could easily have a better power-to-weight ratio than that car. And the SLC already has better brakes, more tire, and around the same weight.

Maybe the Lotus would be better characterized as an SLC-wannabe with a wet firecracker...well, you get the point.

Not that the Lotus isn't a cool car, and the paint is really neat. It would be interesting to see that car on the track at the same time as the 01 car. I think I know how it would end.


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At comparable weight it’s just a matter of powerplant. Provided none of the information is embellished, 680whp would suggest circa 850bhp which is nothing unusual for a boosted V-8 but up there for non-boosted. As for an Elise, I do wonder what transaxle is managing to get that to the ground.

The Elise seems to be fairly nimble and excel in the flat parking lot rally crowd and are fun to beat around town if you fit comfortably. For many, they are pretty good bang for the buck. Used, they seem to routinely trade in the $30-60k range with basic power plants at the lower end and turbo 4-bangers, suspension and drive train upgrades in the higher end though neither are apt comparison to the purported car in the video.
Happen to know the Elise wheel base and track width compared to SLC?
Supposedly the car was in an accident and from the comments I must say that the owner must be the most hated man in America. I have never seen such responses from people EVER. I know that he was kicked off SEVERAL forums for well lets just say his antics and his love of street racing!!!!!! Even the guys on other car sites are claiming that he is a grade a tool!!!! Never met the man but even the mechanic that built the car in his videos comments about his attitude ("Frank always complains.; Thats what he does"). If the police read forums that guy is in a heap of trouble because it sounds more like he clipped the Porsche when CUTTING IT OFF as opposed to the Porsche pulling a pit maneuver on him!!!!!
Here is the video I wrote about. The World's Fastest Lotus? - YouTube Go to 3:41 to see what he says. Then remember what I said about the accident. The mech. coment is at 4:17. The look on the guys face tells the whole story. There doesn't seem to be any respecty between the two but rather I'll build you what you want you F-bag as long as your check clears. The comments on luxury 4 play sum up the general consensus of the guy (one guy called the car a pep boy special LOL) Ronin crash? BTW he lived and suffered no major injuries.


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Woh! I had an acquaintence send me that link 3-4 weeks ago and it didnt have but a couple comments......I didn't know what you were talking about. Now it sure seems to be drawing flies. Elise, Exige, or whatever it may have started life as, looked like fun and I just appreciate machinery. Don't know the owner, but if it's him posting as Ronin, dont want to, especially with all the punk street racing bash....that's just bad news.

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Ronin is the "street name" and screen name the owner goes by. I got to give it to his mechanic as it was one AWSOME build.
And the plot thickens. Notice the date. This guy just wants to go to jail!!!!
Raw Video: Sailboat on Fire - YouTube SUPPOSEDLY he gets into hit and run and now his boat that he was on BY HIMSELF MAGICALLY catches fire and burns out. COINCIDENCE I think not. Again I didn't know the man personally but he most certainly is doing everything possible to prove all the rumors correct.
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