Highly Modified SLC for Sale Complete Description

Michael Fling

I’m selling my SLC so I can go to a track build. The complete build is on the RCR Clubhouse Website. I have 100s of photographs and several YouTube videos (Links below). Since the videos were made, I have modified the yellow strip under the dash to make room for driver's legs. Very comfortable now. It always bugged me that the SLC didn't have a name. Because the front fenders, roof air inlet/scoop, rear end is so highly modified, I wanted to give it a name... "Panther". It isn't perfect... but it is really, really nice. I wanted a high level finish. I also wanted to make things accessible for service. If you want to be noticed, drive it around the block. I have entered 3 car shows. 3 wins! Located in Oklahoma City, (Edmond to be exact), $168,000 is fairly priced. I'm sure I forgot a few things. Feel free to reach out with questions. [email protected].


Custom front bonnet

Custom front fenders

Custom LED headlights

Front race spoiler

Custom exhaust vents on front bonnet

Front bonnet canards

Brembo brakes powder coated

Front and rear toe hooks

Removable DOT approved acrylic windshield

Front hydraulic lift

SS braided lines with AN fittings

Upgraded radiator fans for improved cooling.

275/35 ZR 18 front Michelin Pilot Super Sport tires

325/30 ZR 19 rear Michelin Pilot Super Sport tires

Custom front hinged bonnet

Electric adjustable foot pedal assembly

Dash easily removable for access to electronics for service

Yellow strip below dash easily removable for dash remove

DOT approved acrylic windscreen easily removed for access to dash for service

Custom accessible headlight compartment

Bonnet underside finished with color matched bedliner

Air ducts for brake cooling

Penske dual adjustable racing shocks

Windshield wiper

Trickle charger outlet for power when storing

Custom modified functional roof air inlet scoop

Electric gull wing doors

Rearview mirrors with convex assembly

Side exhaust

Side skirts

NACA ducts on rear bonnet for improved cooling in engine compartment

Rear air inlet to cold air box

Custom rear bonnet vents

Carbon fiber arrow wing

Custom hinged rear bonnet

Duel rear bonnet exhaust fans for better engine compartment cooling

Custom LED tail lights and brake lights

Dual Taddy Brother's rear cameras and screens

Custom rear diffuser

Custom rear fenders with pressure exhaust gills


Electric park brake

Access door for accessibility to Accusump and electric park brake service

Exterior power button

Sealed tail light removable compartment

Flow Master‘s 12 inch mufflers

Graziano, 6 speed transaxle

Gated shifter

LS376/480 Engine

Charcoal canister

Custom exhaust hangers

Custom SLC engine cover

Engine compartment chassis covered in Refect-a-Gold for reduced heat absorption in cabin

Rear bonnet reflective heat shield on underside

Rear bonnet underside finished in paint matching bedliner

Custom inner fender liners, front and rear

Removable driver and passenger seats

Custom race seat cushions made for seating when street seats are removed (Makes room for helmet)

Custom aluminum door sills

Custom leather interior in black, gray, with yellow accents and stitching

Beautiful yellow diamond pattern leather

Insulated and sound proofed interior cabin

Vintage air conditioning

Adjustable steering wheel

Front bonnet and rear engine compartment LED lighting

Interior overhead and foot well lighting

Puddle lights on doors upon opening

Drink holders (2)

Autometer LCD Competition Dash and Data Logger (https://www.autometer.com/lcd.html)

Custom air vents

Driver and Passenger LED map lights

Customize LED lighted billet buttons for operation of:
Accusump, ignition, up and down for front hydraulic lift, electric brake, front/rear adjustment of foot pedal assembly, open/close doors, emergency hazard lights, interior lighting, map lights, engine compartment lighting, front bonnet compartment lighting, master power.

Vintage air conditioning

Tilton brake bias

Easily removable Dash for complete access to all electronics for service

Overhead Console, which includes functions:
Power to car, Driver and passenger door open close, Emergency flashers, Map lights, Overhead and footwell lighting

Lights are automatically on upon door opening and turn off with door closure. They can also be turned on with door closed

Aircraft style air vents in roof overhead

Braum five point seatbelts

Emergency cable handles for hinge removal of electric doors for emergency exit/egress

2 USB ports on interior

USB port for Autometer LCD Competition Dash

Leather Finished interior tub, sectioned for easy and complete removal

Removable steering wheel

All interior LED switches are lighted.

Stripes and lettering on rear wing and car are vinyl wrap for easy removal
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Brian Kissel

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Here’s the complete build thread.

Regards Brian

Randy V

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Beautiful build Michael! Good luck with the sale and your next project!