Limited slip diff.

Has anyone installed or had installed a LSD in their UN1 trans and had it shipped to the U.S. ? I have been burned on the customs fee and was wondering if this has happened to anyone else? I do need to finish my TS-40 I love the car, it is I believe the best bang for your buck as GT-40 replicas go.
Hey Kevin,

If you import the LSD diff and bits from outside North America you'll end up paying the duty. Using a bonded carrier like FedEx may get your parts in more easily, don't know for sure. However, if you ask nicely from your LSD source to write (and you didn't hear it form me) the bill of sale for say $150.00US that will reduce the duty rate. I know MDA has LSD options for the UN1 you may be able to purchase off the shelf but due to the nature of these transaxles becoming way of the Dodo bird, it may be more difficult to find for a fair price. (I like the Dodo by the way, poor little bugger never hurt anyone).


John Welch at this link Can supply and install a limited slip. The Lotus uses the same transaxle. I talked to him about a year ago about it and I believe he quoted about $1300 installed.

If you need a transaxle as well you may be in trouble. There is a DeLorean parts website that advertises the Renault transaxle for sale, but I'm not sure which one or how much.

Chris, Yah $150 would be great! Good thought though. Transaxles are the most $$$$$$$$$$$ of the biuld. Seems there is no way around this. DODO's Rule! Thanks Kevin carey
A few years ago I changed the seals on a Renault box, and I got them from the lotus car parts warehouse in Georgia, they shipped me the parts direct, I don't know if they have the part you need, and If there ever was a LSD in the Esprit, but its worth a look.
Good Luck