Looking for a test fit/feel for a new passion. Any gt-r in iowa

I am looking hard in to a superlite gt-r, but I would like to sit in one for fitting. I am a larger guy and have read that the gt-r seams to be my best bet. I live in iowa near cedar rapids. I am thinking of making a trip to rcr in Detroit but checking local first. I am trying to do all the research I can so a little local input is awesome. I am hoping someone catches this post. I am willing to drove a distance so iowa illinois Wisconsin Minnesota etc surrounding states.

Brian Kissel

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Welcome to the forum Ben. Enjoy your time here . There is a lot of knowledge available from these builders on here. Hopefully someone is local enough that it will work out for you.

Regards Brian

Ron McCall

I would be optimistic....they got Dan Gurney in one.
They fit Dan into a GT40. A GT-R is a MUCH larger car. You would need to be VERY large not to be able to
fit into a GT-R.



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