Looking for some info for a Porsche 906 build

I've been browsing old Porsche 906 build threads on here and I've been doing some research to see if a build like this is reasonable. I was just wondering if anyone knows anyone who may have molds, schematics, or anything else that may help a newbie, like me, build their dream car!
Obtaining parts of the 90x series of cars is very difficult unless you go to someplace like the apparently now-defunct WerksCars. Parts can be very expensive. I just bought two tail light lenses for $510, for example. I priced a better rear canopy from Gunnar in Florida and is was $4000. About five years ago, I had a chance to buy the mold for a rear canopy and the headlights for $3500, but didn't. There is a basic chassis blueprint on eBay. I used it to make a CAD file and 3D print of the chassis, so it's possible to build a car from it. Though I have a 906 body and other 906-908 parts, I have not made molds of the 906. I'm not sure about anyone else, but I have decided to only trade parts for parts. This was after I shared the mentioned blueprint many years ago and now see it for sale on eBay. I also found a copy of my CAD drawing and another 906 and 914/6 enthusiasts webpage. He sells parts, but prices them very high. That said, I'm looking for a better front cover for the oil cooler/spare tire and a few other things if you find such things and wish to trade for something I have. Best of luck.