Looking for someone to IVA my car

I have a Hawk 289 cobra replica. As I’ve recently bought a GTD that I’m doing work on, 2 grandchildren to help look after and a house to work on, I’m finding I don’t have as much time to work on the 289. It’s a fully finished, up and driving car which has NOT been through the SVA and is therefore not registered for the road. It needs to be taken “back” a step to be SVA compliant. I’ve asked on the cobra club and 289 register sites but no joy there. I’m not made of money so can’t just give the car over with an open ended cheque book to get it done, but if there’s anybody with any experience of the SVA who would be interested in taking a look and giving me a quote to get it through the SVA test, please drop me a PM and I can give fuller details. I’m in SE UK, J29 of the M25



Mortified GT
Just book the IVA, bring the car to inspection, get the list of things to correct and work from there.
Try contacting Pilgrim Motorsport in Henfield West Sussex 01273 493860 - they regularly IVA Cobra and Speedster replicas and know all the pitfalls. They also have an employees with his own Hawk 289 which he built and road registered.