Lowest Geared Audi 6 Speed Transaxle

Whilst strictly not GT40 related, I was wondering if anyone out here would be able to help me. I am currently searching for a suitable and reasonably priced transaxle to fit into an off road racing car. Unlike you chaps who have awesome cars with the awesome power to match, this would be fitted with a small 4 cylinder turbo motor putting out no more than 350hp and 400ft/lbs torque, but the catch is that the wheels are 33inch diameter, so the lower the gearing the better. Would anyone be able to steer me in the right direction of which transaxle has the lowest overall gearing (probably the one that is least desirable to the GT40 builders infact).

I have read through the various topics found with the searching, and understand that Audi may not be the strongest transaxle in relation to 1st gear/bearings, but keep in mind that currently we run a 2litre Kombi gearbox (which are getting insanely expensive ie 3kaus by the time you build it up), shifting them is like waving a stick in a bag of marbles, and a frustrated flat change normally spells the end of the gearbox.

I am also open to any other suggestions that you may have in regards to transaxle, the most common ones used over here are the UN1 renault, with has a useless 1st gear ratio, shifts like a garbage truck, and wide gears or the Kombi one mentioned above. Unless you are loaded in which case you can spend 25-30k on an albins off road box.

I am willing to freight a transaxle from anywhere within the world, as long as there is a better than 50/50 chance that it will be ideal. Exact gear ratios and final drive would be awesome if anyone has them.

Cheers Chris

Tim Kay

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Mendeola for one, 5k up to 10k usd for what you may need.
Fortin Racing, 8k up to 20k usd.
VW bus tranny, 2.5k (good for 300hp with some work)

All the above can be geared for off-road use /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif

If you need some links to the above, let me know

Hope that helps.
There is a company in California called Weddel Engineering, I am not sure of the Adress or Phone...I will look after I post. They make a gearbox that uses a 9 inch Ford R&P, I think you can get R&P up to high fives or low sixes, also all of the gears are interchangeable so you can mix and match at will. This gearbox was aimed at the VW crowd...off road and drags etc. Last I remember it ran about $5,500.00 U.S. for a pretty well equipped unit. This is a new unit, the only limiting factor I could see was the clutch size...too small for a V-8. If I find more info I will post.
Good Luck
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The gearbox uses a V.W. Clutch, but the side plates, bearings, and internals are pretty strong. Hope this info helps