Lucas "608 type" mirrors- New with stem

Rick Muck- Mark IV

GT40s Sponsor
We have secured a limited supply of Lucas mirrors. These are the "608" type with the stem. These include the alloy bobbin to glue to the windscreen as well as the adhesive. NOTE: These do NOT have the "608" marking and have a different rivet pattern as well as four vs. six rivets on the 608. The size and shape as well as the "day/night" control are the same. If you don't want to shop eBay for a mirror that need restoration and reslivering these are the ticket. For less than the cost of a clapped out mirror you can fool all but the most knowledgeable GT40 enthusiast. The mounting system on these was used on some MK I cars. We are working on the straight stem mount and windscreen bracket but they are a ways off and also require work to fit them to the mirror so they will be considerably more expensive.

Our part number GT40P/17700-A these are $298.00 for the mirror, windscreen bobbin and adhesive. US shipping $8.00, inquire elsewhere. [email protected]


Looks good. Certainly better than the one that I got resilvered. There was some pitting in the glass and it can still be seen post resilvering. Another job to do.