Mallory's new E-Fire All-Electronic Advance Distributor For Ford

Lynn Larsen

Lynn Larsen

Cleveland, Ohio (February 2008) Mallory Ignition announces the availability of the new all-electronic advance E-Fire Distributor for Ford Applications.

Designed with a CNC-machined all billet housing, E-Fire Distributors offer all electronic RPM based and Vacuum based advance curves. Select from seven preprogrammed performance advance curves or design your own custom curve. They feature digital rev-limiting and a digital boost proportional retard for supercharged or turbocharged engines with up to 30 PSI of boost, as well as Hall effect triggering and a ball bearing supported shaft for maximum timing accuracy.

The E-Fire Distributor comes complete with Windows-based software and a computer harness for easy adjustability, and it works with any PC (laptop not required). Look for additional models available in Spring of 2008!


Ford V8 221-302W - Part #2255104

Ford 351W Elec W/CD C9000 - Part #2255404

Ford 351C-460 Elec W/CD C9000 - Part #2256704

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Randy V

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Crane has had these distributors available for a couple of years now - and in a small base that works better on a Forty.

With all the troubles I've had with Mallory over the last few years, I doubt that I could recommend them to anyone. Others may have a different opinion however...