Mazda Door Locks - I'm stuck

Dan Carter


Looking for some help/thoughts on the Mazda door locks. I copied the solution suggested to design a door locking capability from the forum. However I have run into a concern. The "Z" bracket attached to top of the tumbler had to be straightened (now an L shape) to stop hitting the inside of the door once mounted. In doing so, the spring which forces the "Z/L" bracket to swing around the semi circle (see picture) will not pull the "Z" bracket around to the stops. The spring in the picture is there to assist the "L" to swing the full arc of the cone, however it gets stuck some times and the spring doesn't have enough force to pull it around. My fear in increasing the spring force is the amount of stress placed on the top of the key tumbler which may cause failure.

As you can see the "plate" is designed to swing to open the door when the "L" bracket is properly positioned by the key. When the "L" bracket is turned to the locked position, the "L" bracket rotates to the other side of the cone and blocks its movement hence effectively locking the door.

For those of you who stayed with the Mazda handle, how did you overcome the tumbler and bracket issue with the design shown in my pics below?

Any insight is appreciated.

I followed Bill's recipe as well without success, that spring just doesn't seem to behave as envisioned. I finally gave up and just installed it without the spring, makes for unintuitive cylinder lock behavior but it's consistent. It's a secret hand shake to unlock the door, that's how I look at it ;)
Probably variation due to the production method. One of my handles cleared easily and the other had a very slight interference. I hit it with my dremel and a sanding drum and it clears without risk of breaking through the door skin.