RCR40 Parking Brake

Has anyone had success installing/adjusting the standard (short handle) parking brake? It seems no matter how you set it up, it either locks the wheels or lets them slip. It is just not possible to get enough "clicks" on it when pulling given the short handle design.

Using the supplied Wilwood brakes with the "loose" parking brake lever that just sort of flops around. Hooking up the parking cable end to the inboard holes on the brake lever at the rear wheels requires less throw of the handle but consequently more pull than is possible to exert and doing it the other way around makes for more travel than the short throw of the lever allows. The few times I've gotten a reasonable range of motion on it (i.e., free when down and "sort of" holding when raised as high as possible), it ceases to work altogether as the car is driven and the brakes heat up, throwing these settings off, since they were on the edge to begin with.

Is there a different make of parking brake available that would fit this car without significant mods? Or are most people just skipping it completely?