Mazzei Formula 5 Rotor Turbo SLC Build Thread


My name is David Mazzei with Mazzei Formula LLC. Background is in rotary engines and tuning. This week we are beginning our new project with an early model SLC, purchased from the family of a recently passed member, David Preece. David was a big rotary enthusiast, super awesome guy, with dreams of completing a 3 rotor project in this platform. His wife had listed this car for sale, and we came down to San Francisco, from Alabama to pick it up and continue the legacy. Super thrilled to be able to finally work on one of these cars, and thankful for all of those who have pushed the envelope in this platform. Seems like a very tight and friendly community. Stopped by QRP in stockton and had awesome few hours talking with Ted and Don, checking out there amazing work while talking aero, suspension, and racing.

Currently working with Todd Budde from Forcefedfab in San Antonio, who is assisting in the major chassis fabrication required, and professional imsa driver Bryan Leonard, who will be testing/chassis tuning the platform upon completion, and assisting in development of aero/suspension

The Goal:
5 Rotor, first one in the world. Crank shaft is currently off for balancing. We plan to run a billet engine, full peripheral port, and a modified g57 turbo to achieve around 1500rwhp and produce a v10 f1 sound. Rotary fires 1x per rev, 4 stroke piston fires once ever other rev. With the 72* lobe angle offsets, and an equal length 5 into 1 collector with merge angle and collector design mimicking the 787b 4 rotor, we theorize it should sound identical to a v10 f1 at 18,000 when running at 9k rpm. Major third harmonic, 1 being root tonic, and the 3rd and octave above the root.

Intake will be water to air intercooler plenum, we will run 3 heat exchangers, 2 oil coolers

Mechanical fuel pump cable drive, custom bulkhead / tank built around the engine

Holinger MXT transmission with geartronic paddleshift


Picture of the last project, the Mazzei Formula 4 Rotor Turbo RX7

4 rotor 1.jpg


Road Atlanta Global Time Attack


Barber Motorsports with PCA


Autoclub Speedway with the 767b


Current progress:

Firewall Cut, dummy block fitted with a g52 transaxle. Will be using the dummy block and transaxle until the MXT arrives from Hollinger. Dimensionally they're very similar so this should allow us to fabricate the fuel tank/turbo/manifolds etc


Body sitting on frame.


Planning to run a sump on bottom of custom fuel tank, that is equal depth to bottom of frame rail, and run a pickup up to mechanical fuel pump that will be cable drive off the dry sump pump

Really looking for headlight lenses if anyone knows where to find any? Having a hard time with any contact with factory, assuming there really busy right now

Thanks guys, hope to meet some of you soon!
Very interesting build! Looking forward to see the progress through the stages.
Here's a link to the fb SL-C owners and builder page
hot damm, now that's a build. That thing is going to be loud! I know a certain youtube personality that is going to be envious.

Is that the factory race cage? Or are you building a custom one?

Wheel, floor pan mod for seats, prepping for new chomoly cage additions, crank shaft under development, billet plates development


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