McLaren M1B replica on the track

Hi All, Happy New Year!

Belatedly, I've popped some footage on youtube of the first meeting for me and the car in November 2014.

Car ran well. I'm still getting used to it, and being pretty cautious. Only problem was the 930 inverted transaxle filling and overflowing the puke tank - fixed that by draining it back into the filler, but what a mess - took ages to clean up - and didn't thrill the stewards either.

The '71 M8F McLaren I circulated with had a 850HP 510, and simply exploded down the straight - very cool to see it from behind!

Next meeting late Feb, again at Manfeild.

Cheers, Andrew
Great effort there, must have been an awesome feeling for first time and to be in the company of another Mclaren.
My original M8B replica that got called a `McCopy` is still local and has been returned to full Mclaren/Denny Hulme colour scheme so we are looking forward to the day when we can have both cars on the track in full Mclaren livery as mine will be the no 4 car.
Again great effort...kiwis can do anything.
Bloody Magic Andrew!!

Sounds like your breather on the trans might be positioned where lube is getting thrown directly at it.
Great drive Andrew, I know what its like to have that first drive in your own creation, the smile lasts for months, and on my old home track too, I used to live a hundred yards up the rd from the side gate

look forward to more vids
cheers John

Bill Musarra

I suffered that same problem. I installed a vented M8 socket cap screw into the viewing cover( the removable cover over the gear sets) to stop the overflow or blow out. I welded a tab to just cover the hole in the bottom of the screw and it works great for a vent now. If these aren't vented you can blow a seal from the expanding air.


Terry Oxandale

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This explains the blue-green oily coating on my inverted 930 from my last "long" drive. I pulled the cap off the plastic vent-cap (yes, it looks to be in the path of the ring throw-off), but the stem wouldn't budge. I suppose a hose placed over the stem, to a filter would help (or do what Bill did).
Hi Andrew,

Just watched you video, the car sounds awsome and looks like it gets the job done. How was your performance compared to those SCANZ type cars that were in the feild as well??
Watching that just gets me excited to get mine out there with you but its still a few yrs away yet unless I win lotto.
Are you a Palmy local?? My oldest daughter starts at Massey in Feb so we will be coming over about the 22nd to get her moved in it would be great if that happened to be the weekend of your next outing, if not it would be great to meet up and have a real life look at this car and tell some build storries.
Again, fantastic effort and result you have a great peice of equipment and I envy the hell out of you.

Cheers Leon.
Thanks for the comments guys.

Leon, I'm based in Wellington. Next events for me should be 4/5 April at Taupo and then 2/3 May at Hampton downs. I joined the Sports Car Racing Club and they seem to be a good bunch who are keen to just get out there and have a fang.

I am down to low 1:11s at the moment, and seem to be a bit ahead of the Radicals and well behind the Juno's which are getting as quick as 1:06. The M8F was doing 1:09s from memory.

I'd love to chew the fat. I'll let you know next time I am at Manfeild.

Cheers, Andrew
Thanks for that Andrew, we will keep in touch and I'll see if my Roster will have me free for one of those events or if your just at Manfield for a play give us a yell and if I can will come for a look. The SCRC, where are they based, It seems like there isn't too many clubs interested in Replicas so if these guys are cool with them it would be good to get in touch.
Where is that M8F from, I saw a Black one at Hamton Downs last year and it was a guy who had come back to NZ from living in the US for some time and bought the car back with him, so there must now be 2 genuine M8Fs in the country and there is an M12 as well. I will be going to Hampton at the end of the month to catch the last weekend of the Howden Gandly festival so hope some or all of these cars will be there. Managed a couple of hrs yesterday on the body, coming together quite well.

Cheers Leon.
Thanks Andrew, I have checked out the SCRC and I see in the photo gallery some shots of your car and the M8F and your car is sporting an M8B style wing, you will have to post some shots of that so the other forum guys can see it. Thanks for the info.

Cheers Leon
Hi All, took part in the Easter meeting at Taupo. Race 3 is online at

Found the track not ideally suited to the car - pretty tight and winding infield complex that was a bit slow for third and hard to flow nicely in second.

Making progress with suspension tuning on front end grip but still pushes quite bad. The car was 1 second a lap quicker with the front bar disconnected completely - I think that suggests that generally the rear needs to do more work in turns either through bars or springs, and I think that it will generally be a slow in fast out thing anyway.

Slightly embarrassing to have to use 7 litres to lap at the same pace as a Radical with Hyabusa power! Still it was heaps of fun.

Also, I now know I made a silly careless mistake when I swapped intake over to the hilborn unit and lost the very corner of a razor blade when I was scraping off an intake gasket - I thought it pinged out into the garage but I now know it ended up in number 3 (f**k!!) which has good compression but is burning oil badly. So I have a bit of work ahead.

Hope all is well. Cheers, Andrew
Sounds like you are getting there, your `blade` issue will surely have a silver lining somewhere?
My nephew has just put together a triple rotor old school RX3 (was on the cover recently of Performance Car) and on its first dyno he felt the `hair dryer` was a little small as they only got around 800+hp. THEN...a hole saw plug cutout that was accidently left in the inlet...just passed on thru!!!!!
Now he has replaced the turbo with what looks like a small hovercraft and pulls close on 1100hp, lucky boy.
I would love even half that hp.
Andrew allthough theres a lot of new guys from when i ran their still a good bunch, my Mate Robbie Hulme runs the Nemisis and Mad Mike is in the white Mallock you flogged on lap1, the in feild section is tricky, i found trail braking over the rise at turn 4 was the only way to get round it with any sort of pace, and turn 9 tests the size of the gonads.
cars sounds great good onya.

cheers John
Hi All,

did the MG Classic race meeting at Manfeild, Manawatu, New Zealand last weekend. Got a bit rained out on Sunday but weather not bad. Car ran well, and I am now doing mid 10s. The M8F that was running there was doing 8s.

Put a new airbox on the car which worked, so I had a lean condition and a bit of detonation in testing but added some fuel and slowed down the ramp-in of total timing and got that sorted.

The understeer condition is slowly getting dialled out - the car is responding consistently positively to increasing spring rate in the rear. It now has 400lb in the front and 650lb in the back. Not sure what the wheel rates are but it's still pretty soft and I plan to test with 750 and 850 in the rear until it gets a bit lively in the arse and then either back off or introduce a bit of front bar (currently front bar is full soft).

Now that I am going a bit quicker and managing the gearbox a bit better it is pretty obvious I need to be pulling a lower cog out of a couple of the corners on this track. Anyway lots of fun!

Cheers, Andrew
Hi Markus,

I have a 5mm aluminium base-plate located by a pair of long bolts with crush tubes on each side of the hilborn manifold. The base was waterjet cut so that the stacks would go neatly through it and into the hilborn clamps. Under the baseplate there are also sleeve/spacer tubes and o-rings that each stack slips through, so in total the baseplate is sitting on 8 sleeves pulled just tight by the 4 bolts you can see in photo one.

From there it gets a K&N filter with a poly-carb lid and aluminium frame held firmly onto the baseplate by 6 threaded rods with crush tubes as per second photo. I have subsequently replaced the lid with one containing a large rectangular K&N panel filter. This lowered my IATs and flowed a bit better. I was tight up against the roll bar and might have used one of the off-the-shelf sprint car air boxes if I had more room.
M1 update #5.jpg

Cheers, Andrew


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Thanks Andrew,
That helps - currently I have individual K&N's on each trumpet.
I'm thinking of redoing the hole thing....