Miami - Before and After

Watching Netflix's F1 series got me wondering about the boats. Before the start of the race at Miami, they show someone talking to folks hanging out on boats(*) next to the track. This got me curious because they didn't show the race cars going over a bridge that could accommodate the boats.

I found a map of the track the shows the location of the boats.

The boats appear to have been trucked in just for the race.

Most of the track is temporary, but the paddock is a permanent structure. When the built the track for the 2022 race, they built it before the tennis open competition occurred and then they built the tennis courts on top of a segment of the track.

Hardrock Stadium and Parking Lots (what the site looked like before they built the track, When the photo was taken, there's a go-kart track setup in the right corner)

It was $40,000 to rent a boat for four people.
Given that shoes and red wine is banned, my guess is that the track leased the boats for the race.

Chris Kouba

Yes, the boats were staged. They were put in the parking lot "on the hard" and some sort of blue surfacing was used to simulate the water effect for the "marina" around them.
Just watched the “opening ceremony” for the Las Vegas race…
Unfortunately it seems this is what F1 is now - not a shred of dignity left to be stripped from it…

Well done Kentucky Fried F1 I guess… Sad days.