Hyperfest- SLC to contest UTCC and NASA TT

Ed D and I are going to Hyperfest this year, mostly to see the Raver Motorsports SLC run at the Ultimate Track Car Championship.

Their car is likely the fastest SLC ever, and they hope to do well with it this year. Last year (on Sunday, after the UTCC) they ran a 1:48, which is a very quick time. There is more in the car, according to the people at Agile Auto, who prep the racer for Raver.

For those who don't already know, it's at VIR (Virginia International Raceway) in Alton, VA.

You can see more about Hyperfest here.

If there are other SLC owners who are interested in this, please PM me or answer here in this thread- it would be cool to connect with more SLC people!

Here's a pic of their green race car, next to a somewhat slower street-driven SLC.