Michaels Motorsport Lotus/Renault transaxel

I've been around, worked on, and raced Lotus(s) for a long time but, I've never heard of these guys! I'll ask around.

Looking at what they describe as their upgrade for the gearbox etc.

This modification comes from the U.K.

The Quaife LSD comes from Kevin Jones of GTO Engineering.

The new 6 speed H pattern internals will also come from Kevin Jones. They are dog cut gears. This kit is not ready yet.

GTO Engineering tel : +44 0118 940 1101

I would speak to Kevin otherwise you will be getting 2nd hand info.



Thanks for checking it out. His prices seem reasonable, I just wonder about his quality of work. He has also indicated that he can change 1st and 2nd ratios on the UN1.

Howard Jones

I believe that the input shaft must be replaced to change 1st and 2nd gear ratios as they are cut directly onto the shaft. Is this true? If so does this mean that this guy is doing some sore of D BEll type input shaft upgrade?
He has also indicated that he can change 1st and 2nd ratios on the UN1.

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That sounds very much like the Derek Bell mod which a number of people have now, me included. 1st & 2nd are dog cut. The input shaft is changed for a stronger unit, along with some other mods.

Full details here: www.bell-performance.co.uk


Hey JP!

Correction, 1st & 2nd gears on the DB kit are 'Straight' cut. Dunno what 'Dog cut' means, but maybe there is a confusuion here with a 'Dog' box, in which there are no synchro's.

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