Mid Engine 930 4 Speed For Sale

I was going to put this into a V8 Porsche 914 and decided to go another direction. One of you may be looking for a mid-engine 930 box.

-1987 Turbo 930/36 4 Speed Trans
-Short Nose Bell Housing
-Case SN: 7H01204 ('H' is the year code for 1987)
-This trans is 'Flipped' for mid-engine use. (ring and pinion)
-Factory Limited Slip
-Stock Gearing
-Comes with a Cable Shift brand shifter set-up.
-Perfect for V8 Conversion or any other High HP/High Torque application.

930 Turbo 1986-88
4-speed fully-synchronized transaxle
Manufactured by Porsche (ZF)
Plate-type limited-slip differential available

Gear ratios:
1st gear: 2.25
2nd gear: 1.304
3rd gear: 0.893
4th gear: 0.625
Ring and pinion: 4.22

$6000. Local pick-up is preferred but can also ship if you pay for shipping. I'm in the Sacramento, CA area.

Randy V

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