Hi all, has anybody anywhere built a quality replica Mirage, or know of where body components might lurk?
I understand that many people may not see them as the definative GT40, or that there
may not be much demand for such a car, but personally I think a replica Mirage would be a truly fascinating project!!



Brian Magee

I have spoken to someone in the south of England recently who tells me he has had access to a set of original Mirage bodywork and is in the process of building one.
I don't think he wants it widely known at the moment so don't tell anyone.

Since there is only (1) left, good luck
getting a chance to measure or splash molds!!

Wonder what happened to the original molds?


Jim Rosenthal

Actually, I believe that the Mirage name and body design, at least for the GT40 based Mirage, are owned by Harley Cluxton at Grand Touring which I think is in Scottsdale, AZ. There is no reason he couldn't build you one. It might be kind of expensive.

I love your sense of humour in asking your comment to be confidential when saidto hundreds of GT40 nuts Will you let us know his address and tel number now
Gentlemen,I'm building a 101% Mirage. If anyone has access to, or knowledge of original Mirage bodywork please contact me. any information would be appreciated