MK 2

Dave Collins

Hi John,

I should have some more pics posted up on Sunday as I will be going upto see the car on Friday, as the bodywork is just about finished and hopefully the car will be sprayed in primer.

If you want any info on the body I suggest you contact Fran as I know he has made some changes to the front clip, not necessarily to make it "truer" but perhaps straighter. I will let him describe it in his own words.

See MK11 thread in RCR forum

If you have any questions please let me know.


Thanks guys. I now remember seeing those threads.
Dave, did you put a sbf in your II? I'm a long way off, but it never hurts to start planning early.

I just wonder how a Keith Craft Pond aluminum 482 would do in a MKII? Might be kind of fun to find out! I had not even considered a II until recently. The more I look at it the more I like it.

Steve C

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I have a Keith Al Shelby FE in P2125 (SPF MK11) with a ZF M1 LH rod shift.

It's great!


Fran Hall RCR

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Here is a Big Block Mk2 "kit" that we did....


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Im doing a mkII took delivery just before christmas
pond block,Edelbrock heads & manifold,scat rotaing assembile 482CI
ZF,single holly

thanks for posting the pics one of these days i will learn how

Thanks for the pics Fran. How does the RCR MKII body compare with the SPF MKII body dimensionally?

Steve, is that your car in the pics?

Dave, afraid I'll be kicking myself for selling off my 331 sbf when it's time to do the 40. That is a nice engine.

But maybe the MKII is the way I will go, now that I have the 'FE'ver. KC is building me a mild 600hp :eek: alum FE for my cobra :pepper:

Fran Hall RCR

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an RCR is just that, I cant compare the SPF as we dont have one here for comparison.

They are both beautiful cars.

Fran Hall RCR

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I know it doesn't look like that any least it better not.

Another one arrived thats three more for you Ron.