Help finding shock information / geometry


I have been researching the use of the Stanceparts air lift cups and their interference with the RCR frame side. A couple days ago, I found a post that showed a graphic and dimensions of the lower control arm, its pivot points and location of the shock pivot points. From my memory, I recall it was a picture/illustration made with PhotoShop or something similar, showing red, green and yellow blocks emulating the parts. It had the dimensions to locate where the shock attached to the arm. As I recall, it said the shock sits at a 79degree angle.

But now, I can't find that drawing or any others to get the information. Can anyone help me find those sketches, or do you have any of the points on the RCR GT40 suspension so I could lay this out. The main thing I need is the angle the shock sits at.

Sure wish we had a way to browse ALL the drawings that are in the forum posts database. Sure would make life easier for those of us who like to do deep dives.



Paul T.

Paul, the way my car sits at the moment, alignment and height front and rear shocks are about 65 degrees.


Dig Deep enough and long enough, you'll find it. Found the sketch in a spreadsheet that Tom (Germany/Eglitom) posted in a discussion regarding swaybar. Wheel Rate / Swaybar Calcs

Paul, the 65 degrees is pretty close. Thanks for your input