MN Registration

Dave Hood

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If nobody on the Forum can help you, you might try Hillbank (Irvine, CA) or Dennis Olthoff (Mooresville, NC). More cars are shipped from them to customers than anyone else.



Thanks Dave, mostly interested in registration issues. I think in MN if the car is registered as a 1965 the tax owed is very little, otherwise the state taxes based on the purchase price of the car.......and it ain't cheap!

Randy V

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While I've not registered my GT40 here yet, I have had customers and friends register their kit and component cars here and the sales tax is always based on the purchase price of the kit and driveline. Inspectors know the values of these cars and they talk to each other to compare notes. Some are better / nicer than others.. Most people from the Twin Cities I know actually go through the DMV in Faribault (only 15 miles from me) as the hassle factor is really low and there are rarely lines to wait in longer than 15 mins..
This is truly the land of 10 thousand taxes and I just don't know any way around it unless you register in another state and the "move" here....



Yeah, the taxation is beyond incredible. I have many friends that have subsequently left the state as a result. MN was dead last in entrepreneurial start ups in 2013. Not surprising....

I've noticed that the Superformance GT40 is often listed as a 1965 and I'm wondering if it's registered as such. That would make it eligible (I believe) for collector status which would be muuuuuch cheaper.