Getting ready to buy a new ecu so I can get traction control and can connection. Since there is no plug and play systems out there at all for the 1UZ motor, I am open to pretty much anything.
I have experience with mostly Haltech products, and like the interface, but, it is about $800 more than the MS3 pro.

So who has actually sat down and tuned with the MS3 pro? I have been researching for months and I keep seeing many negative reviews of it. Others are swearing by it though.
I usually have my power tuning done by a local shop, then I take care of the driveability myself, since it can take many hours to get perfect. If the MS3 pro is hard to tune, then I may be forced to have it fully tuned by a shop and it would negate the price difference.
I keep hearing that the MS3 pro has a learning curve and I keep seeing mention from MS vendors and MS itself really pushing their tech services and forums, which leads me to believe, lots of people are having trouble with it.
The price is very attractive for the options, but hate to invest in it, and cost more in the long run.


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Contact Wayne Presley. He sold me a MS3 PRO ecu for my GT40.
He owns a dyno / tuner shop in south Alabama.

[email protected]

cell 760-403-6266

I have a buddy who has an ms3 pro on his 1uzfe twin turbo. He gave me his tune file to start from. I am going to use the ms3pro and will be getting it here shortly. I plan to tune myself, but I have tuned an older electromotive tec3 and this seems much easier. Also, once you know what ignition advance you want then the rest is not all that hard. I am going to work on my intake manifold design this weekend. Fitting it under the clam is soooo fun.

I will run these specs with my ms3 pro
coil on plug from a 3mzfe or 2uz
1000cc injector dynamics injectors
I will make my own fuel rails
wideband o2 on each side
traction control
antilag- once in a while because it is fun
meth injection
boost control
3mzfe knock sensors as they are newer and better. I should have some extras if you want a pair.
I am sure there is more I will be doing with it, but you get the idea. It can do all that I need it to do and more.
I have an MS2, but the tuning software, TunerStudio, is the same. You will have a lot more features than I do with the ms3, but basic tuning should be the same. I started from ground zero with my MS2 and was able to learn everything to get it running great. I know the limitations with my MS2 and if i has a MS3, i could go even further in tuning. If i had to do it all over again or started a new project, I would still go with the megasquirt.

Megasquirt gets a bad rap because its a DIY system that many people do half-ass installs with, or, they installed it on a 'budget' project car that already has wiring or sensor issues, then when it doesn't run right, they blame it on the MS.

Another issue I found is that when you have a megasquirt is that you might need some basic configuration setup, something like the correct map sample angle. Most run of the mill tuners actually know very little about things other than fuel an ignition tables, so to hide their incompetence, they will say they just don't deal with MS.

I'd say the hardest part about the whole process is to make sure everything other than the MS is working correctly. I had a few issues where something on the the engine was messed up, but my first instinct was to think it was a tuning issue and try to fix it though tuning it out. It took time to learn about these kinds of red herrings.

Also, you will still need to do a dyno session to properly explore where your max ignition timing is going to be under WOT. Its impossible to do so safely any other way.
Thanks for some feedback guys.

So basically, once the initial base map is done, and power tuning, it shouldn't take much longer (if at all) than a more expensive ecu? I just didn't want to get into a situation where I was spending the difference in tuning time, when I could have gotten a Haltech or Motec for same price at the end of the day.

I am still just very surprised there is nobody that sells a plug and play standalone for this motor considering it is relatively popular.
The MS3 pro comes with a nice wiring harness and you just need the connectors. I get all bran new connectors from this place Ballenger Motorsports - High Performance Electronics and then I am set.

I have the base maps for timing advance for our engines with a twin turbo setup that works. I compared it to my old 3sgte turbo maps and they were within a few degress of what I was running so it made sense.

I would also suggest you get this wideband O2 system and it works really good and the price is right. This will help get the tune done faster and correct. You really only need one, but I was going to do one on each bank. Home » Shop » Wideband O2 » O2 Controller » AFR500 - Air Fuel Ratio Monitor Kit - Wideband O2 System

They also sell the injector dynamics 1000cc injectors. It would be better to go with really good injectors to start with and then not worry later if you ever need more fuel.
Does Ballenger have a complete engine kit for the connectors for the 1UZ? I can give them a call and see.

Looks like I have 750cc injectors right now. Will need to get bigger ones if I plan to crank the boost up.
Ballenger can pretty much get every connector you need. I am going to get all new connectors to make it all work for me so no worries and it is not all that much. 8 COP connectors, 8 injector, Cam sensor, crank sensor, I am getting a 3 bar TMAP sensor for pressure and temperature as one, tps sensor gm style for me as I am using a single tb, iac gm as gm tb, two of their wideband o2 sensors.

Also, on mine I took off the dist and will leave the left bank cam sensor for a reference to be full sequential and use the 12 tooth trigger wheel that is stock. It keeps it simple and at higher rpm the 12 tooth is nice to have.
OH yah, When you order make sure you get the crimper tool for the connectors. It is not much but is really nice to have.

They also have 4' sections of just about every size of shrink tubing that will work. On my race car I did that so it fits over like a glove and protects the wires. It looks really good when done. I like the 3-1 with the glue so it does not move.
Yes, I have a bunch of that thick wall, glue/sealant type shrink tube.

Maybe as I get closer, I can pick your brain abit more on your cop conversion. I havn't had the time to do much research into it yet.
The COP is crazy easy and personally if you are going stand alone and not doing it it would just be crazy. You basically buy the cop, buy the connector, wire it in and good to go. The new ones have an ignition built in. It could not be easier and the spark is sooo much better. You also free up a ton of room on the front of the engine.

I forgot that I am also doing dual knock sensors.
I did start doing some research into it. Kept running into conflicting info on the best coils to get that didn't need to be modified.
You can use different ones, but the easiest are the 2uz coils. I am using 3mzfe coils because I have them as that is what I use in my race car and I have enough. The connectors are the same thought I think. On the 3mz ones I just need to sand a little on the base to mount them low enough.
BTW- They are having a black Friday sale 10% off. I am getting the ms3pro and two threaded hall effect sensors for the front and rear wheels for traction control.
hi Scott have you looked at this option, the local builder used to use these for the 1uz builds for my Countach replica, he built over 80 cars using these and said they were pretty good on the 1uz, he said the looms were available with all connections done and dusted, just plug it in hook up 5 wires and your done it tuned with a laptop.
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I have run into that a couple times Graeme. Seems the 1UZ motor is alot more popular in you're neck of the woods and Australia. I will ask the guy doing my power tuning if he has ever worked with it. Unfortuneately, they still don't have a plug and play harness, listed atleast.
Not that making the harness is all that hard, but a time saver ofcourse.