Need for Speed Movie

A car bud and I went to see the new "Need for Speed" movie. Really a cool show for car guys (especially Ford guys) with pretty intense driving action and sound. It was fun to know that RCR built all the super cars for the movie. They drive them all really hard... and the plot is easy to keep up with. Pretty good fun.

Mark Clapp
I saw it yesterday. I agree with your review. Preposterous plot, but a great way to burn 2 hours if you are into cars like 99% of the people on this forum. Easy to watch and enjoy.

I thought I saw some aluminum shining through the undercarriage of the Koni cars in a few scenes, but wasn't sure since I couldn't pause and rewind at the theater.

Congrats Fran!
The movie was missing something, Needed the 01car and Ryan in the DeLoen race, but then the movie story line was about Tobey Marshall.

I was surprised not to see any thanks to RCR in the credits, And it looked like a lot of the filming was done in Michigan.
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