Need help with rear camera position.

I'm doing some updating on my car. I'm installing a new camera system in my SPF GT-40 MK1. It has a front facing camera built into the mirror but I'd like suggestions as to where to mount the rear camera. I tried a few temporary spots like the cabin roof vent (very disorienting when backing up), and at the center of the bar that goes between the quick jack points (seems way to low). Where I think I would like to mount it is at the upper center of the spoiler just above the exhaust. The problem there is I think may be the heat. If anyone has a successful spot please let me know.

I am also finally getting rid of my original speedo. I've tried everything I can think of to get it to work with no luck so I bought a Smiths GPS unit. The camera/mirror also has GPS but it was no problem mounting the GPS receiver directly in front of the mirror where I would also like to put the one for the speedo but that means routing the wire up the right A pillar which isn't to much of a problem as I already have a pull string there. If someone has installed one of these and found a better spot please let me know.

I will also for the first time have a working fuel gauge. I got a fuel level sender from Nisonger that seems to work with the stock gauge. They are made for boats so they can be made to fit in almost any tank.

Thanks for the help.
I mounted mine on the rear deck using a third break housing from another car!



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Thanks so much for sharing. Nice looking install. I tried mounting my camera there and it gave a great rear view of the the cars around me but for me it gave a very strange perspective while backing up which is how I like to park the car in my shop. A turntable would be nice but pigs don't fly either. Thanks again.

Dave Hood

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About four years ago I installed this system on my SPF Mk1. The camera is mounted on the license plate and it works really well. The video image is displayed via a local WiFi network on my iPhone via an app called SightWiFi. Makes backing up into parking spaces super easy. I highly recommend this system. Also quite inexpensive.

Hello Richard-
I had a camera system in my car when I bought it. It had two cameras installed in the areas that the front fender mirrors were installed. This is not a good solution to rear vision.
I have seen systems on the market that have the camera in the license plate frame, actually I have a car with this kind of stock system installed. That system works okay. These systems are readily available from aftermarket sources. Only problem that I have experienced is that you would need to put the screen in a place where there is no glare from outside light.
My car has been in the paint shop for the last two years. Hope to get it back on road in the next few months and am also looking for a camera system that makes rear view/ back up easier. Interested in seeing other solutions.