Never thought this would happen to me...

Larry L.

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'Works for me!
If your experience is anything like mine was, I'm sure you'll enjoy it!

Waaaaay back in 1976, I bought a black Harley "Low Boy". 'Loved that darned thing!

Our youngest daughter was 4-years-old at the time and she wanted to go for a ride on it. Sooooo I bought her a little "brain bucket", buckled two of my belts together, secured 'em around both of us and took her for a 10 mph ride (so that 'leaning' the bike in the turns wasn't necessary) around our neighboorhood. Since the roads in the neighborhood are laid out in such a way as to eliminate all "through traffic", things were as safe as one could possibly get traffic-wise. (Didn't even see another vehicle on the road during that ride!)

Our daughter loved it! However, when her grandma found out about the ride later - SHE did not! ;-)
'Good times!