New build spf mk2

Hi all,
Attaching some pics of my new spf. Just picked it up from Olthoff racing. It's a beast! Couple of minor issues, passenger door has some play on it. hinge is secure but door a little difficult to close. Seems like bushings are allowing door to sag slightly. There is about 1/16 up and down play when door is open. Does anyone know of an adjustment?


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Brian Kissel

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Congrats, Beautiful car Bill. With a couple tweaks here and there, I’m sure Olthoff will have your problems fixed. Enjoy your car.

Regards Brian
I would have Olthoff take care of it if he's close. Is it both doors? Is the door seal just tight? There is alignment adjustment available at the front hinges with 3 bolts top and bottom. Be careful, it's easy to really screw up the alignment and make the fit worse. 1/16" sag when open is normal. I had to shim the rear of the front clam to not bind when door fully open. What transaxle is that?
Hi Bill,

I had the same problem with the door moving up and down, and the bolts that hold the hinge were fully tight. Mick at Southern GT said that to rectify this I had to loosen the top bolts, then tap the hinge down gently, tighten them up and that solved the problem for me. Obviously the top hinge was not in a level position allowing the door to move.