New Custom "Frank Catt/UK" Alum Fuel Tanks

I posted earlier about the need to replace by original CAV tanks (one is leaking). I had the good fortune of being in London on business and took the train down to see well-known GT40 guys Frank Catt and Geoff Taylor. Among many GT40s in their shops was a spectacular CAV in Gulf livery owned by a person in Spain who sends it to these guys for updates and maintenance (wish I could do that). The car is fitted with their new custom aluminum tanks which are a plug-and-play sight to behold. They are 3mm thick, TIG welded, and pressure tested..and slide right in. I am ordering L and R. We can get a discount if the guys can fabricate a run of these tanks. So if you're interested, please post so we can get these things sooner...and cheaper.
Do you know what the cost of the tanks would be including shipping. I hav an early CAV GT40. I would be intersted in more information about the tanks, fuel cell compatability etc. Thanks for the post!