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Hi everyone, just felt I should join because I've had such a big interest in the Gt40. Unfortunately I'm only a senior in highschool and I'm far away from owning a replica Gt40, but I'd still like to learn a lot about the different types. Right now I'm driving a 67 Cougar and I love it. I'd like to set it up to represent the cars that raced in the Trans Am races from back in the day. Also if theres any middle Tennessee replica Gt40 owners here i'd love to see your car at a show sometime. This looks like a great forum, so I know I'll enjoy the stay.

Dave Hood

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Welcome to the forum, Jacob. Always nice to have a young GT40 fan join us. Pretty awesome for a High School student to be driving a 67 Cougar. My high school car was a 69 Camaro. But then again, that was in 1976, so it wasn't such a big deal back then...

Rod Brace

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Welcome! Keep dreaming and working hard that is how I got my first big project manta mirage and now have had it 35 years.

Mike Giblin

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Welcome, Jacob. I am in Franklin and will be starting a GTR build next month. There is a SPF GT40 that regularly appears at Cars and Coffee in Cool Springs. My first new car was a 67 Barracuda Formula S but my wife wanted a Cougar!!!
I will look forward to meeting you.


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Welcome Jacob, So much to learn about the GT40 and its variants of chassis and engines. Get some good books on the car and history. You'll accumulate a bookshelf full over the years to go with some great DVDs out there. A few 1:18 scale models and you've got the stuff dreams are made of for the future. I started out with a few models around your age (not many books then). When I turned 60, I mentioned to my wife while on a walk, I had wanted to have a 40 since I was a teen. Dream stuff. Some come earlier than other dreams. Next is a Bugatti Veyron on the horizon...Have fun
Grady over in Asheville.
Thanks everyone for the warm welcome! Mike I've been to the Franklin Cars and Coffee a couple of times and loved it. I saw some pictures of the SPF GT40 there but I haven't had the pleasure of seeing it in person yet. Maybe next time.
I know exactly how you feel, my first love (car) was a 911 - I was 16 and had the pleasure to ride with one. The awesome part was that guy knew exactly what we was doing - Mr Walter Roehrl himself.

Long story short - at my 30th birthday I bought one brand new. 25 years later I still own a 911.
You work hard, stay focused you WILL archive your dream.

Good luck with your endeavors - my oldest grandchild is your age, that means before I could spend any money on expensive sports cars, I had to take care of two kids and my lovely wife.

....other than that -> go for it!!
I definitely plan on making it happen Mr. Peter, but maybe also a Gt350 r model replica to. Then my future garage would be complete. I say that now but I'm sure I'll want a cobra replica after that to. Yepp Mr. Dwight I'm pretty close to Nashville.
Jacob, at Cool Springs Cars and Coffee, the first Sat on the month is informally known as "exotic" day. Higher concentration of Lambos, Audi R8, Ferrari and Ford GT.
Thanks for the info Mr. Mike, The past 2 times I've attended were on the first Saturdays of the month. I plan on being there this Saturday. Maybe I'll see ya there.


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I'm 130 miles from Nashville. Just south, 15 miles across the state line. 2 hr 15 minute drive.

My RCR GT40 will go into the paint shop in the next few weeks.

You are welcome to come visit.