FS USA NEW In Box: Heatshield Products Lava Oil Filter Heat Shield #504703

I accidentally bought the wrong sized oil filter heat shield a few months ago and then didn't return it in time. It's brand new, never used in its original packaging.

This little shield keeps radiant heat out of your oil filter and attaches by built-in magnets - brilliant!

New these cost $65.

Sale Price: $40

Here's the description from the website:
Heatshield Products Lava oil filter heat shields help you avoid cooking your oil filter and the oil running through it, while protecting the filter from road debris. Lava oil filter shields protect your oil filter from ambient heat and road debris by encasing the oil filter in the proprietary Lava Cool volcanic rock fiber-based thermal barrier material. The specially designed cover slides over the filter snugly and is held in place by magnets, so it won't slip off. The magnets are effective at trapping metal debris inside the oil filter, further improving the filtration and offering your engine more protection. Available in sizes to fit most popular canister oil filters, these shields can withstand constant temperatures of 1,200 degrees F and intermittent temperatures of up to 2,000 degrees F. They are oil-, solvent-, and water-resistant.

Model #504703 fits GM LS, LT1 and LT4 engine oil filters. It is 2.938 inches in diameter and 3.250 inches long.

Heatshield Products 504703 back.jpgHeatshield Products 504703 front.jpg