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Hi, I am about to embark on the major restoration of a 1989 GT40 Replica. It is registered as a KVA. It has the MK3 body but the chassis, which is stainless steel, looks like a special, maybe home made. It has good suspension set up all round, I suspect not the KVA standard from what I have already read. Unfortunately the guy who originally built the car went down to dementia and the car suffered too. Very sad. It is currently fitted with a BMW 5.0l V8 and UN1. I have a 1968 302 and another UN1 that came with the car. The 302 had been fitted in the original build. I have stripped the 302 which appears nearly new. It looks to have been a good build. For whatever reason there was a bent valve and 4 bent pushrods (over revved?). Other than that it does look really good. 289 heads, cast iron, ported.
I have owned a self built cobra for 36 years. That has a 427 dual quad in it. I have no experience of GT40's so a lot of advice is going to be needed!!!!! It looks as if there is an amazing amount of knowledge on here. I'm really looking forward to reviving the car and learning some new stuff...........

Brian Kissel

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Welcome Chris,

You have come to the right place. There are a lot of members with tons of knowledge on board here. Pleas post some pictures and also add your location as there are members spread out all over the world.

Regards Brian

Ian Anderson

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Welcome Chris,
it will be worth joining the

There May be a car or member really close that will let you trawl over their car and probably a localism club meeting Covid excepted.

Post up your location in your profile and people will come out the woodwork!


Mike Pass

Welcome Chris,
As you have joined the club and are in Shipston your local group are the midlands group who will be able to help you. I may be able to assist with info etc. I have sent you a message via this forum (see top right of page)

Randy V

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Welcome to Chris.
Sounds like quite a project!
Hi Chris

Do get in touch for help, im your local GT40 club co-ordinator for the midlands. obviously meets are not happening at the moment but be good to here from you anytime you need some help--just drop me Pm for my details
Jason -