New member with a T70

Hi all. I’m fairly new to the racecar world. I’ve recently acquired a T70 Mk IIIB, a build which my father had started many years ago but was never able to finish. When he passed a few years ago, he also had a T160 and many spare parts (transaxles, wheels, etc), which we bartered into a situation that allowed us to finally complete the car. A HUGE thank you to Mac McClendon and his whole crew, who had known my dad for years and helped make this happen.

Since his passing I’ve been absorbing all that I can learn about vintage endurance cars, Lola, and the T70 in particular. I’m pretty handy with a wrench but I sometimes feel in over my head on the specialty stuff, and info is sparse. That’s why I’m here, to learn and hopefully share knowledge too.

A little about the car: it’s titled, registered, and insured for the street. It has Jim Inglese EFI and a ZF DS25 for better street manners vs the more proper Webers and Hewland transaxle. It also has modem brakes, blinkers, a horn, and even cabin cooling fans. No AC though! And I can’t get it out of the driveway without scraping, ha.

If anyone is local to me (DFW), would be cool to meet up and talk shop. Could always use a hand in the garage for bleeding brakes or whatnot, and I’m happy to lend a hand as well.

A few pics:


Brian Kissel

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Welcome to GT40S Brian. Very nice car and introduction. There is a section below ( Lola T70 Lounge), that has some good info on the Lola builds. Mac McClendon is certainly a wealth of knowledge and all around good guy. I look forward to hearing more about your car. It looks to be a piece of art.
Congratulations and enjoy the forum.

Regards Brian

Randy V

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Absolutely STUNNING.....
I live in Midlothian, TX most of the year (just outside Dallas).. Maybe I will see you at one of the many automotive gatherings in the area!